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6 Gym Types

6 Gym Types

By: Ashlee Whitmoyer

Get ready, the Resolutionists are coming! What category will these new gym goers fall into? Yes, depending on your gym habits you could earn yourself one of the following nicknames. Don’t worry though, we thank you because our facility would be boring without you.

The Selfie Queen or KING: It’s not just ladies snapping pictures of themselves in the bathroom mirrors. Gentlemen we also see you flexing and capturing a photo mid workout. But hey, if you got it then why not flaunt it?!?

The Grunter: We hear you! Sometimes that weight is just crazy heavy and you want your strength to be seen! Let those noises out so we know to look your way! And for those who can’t stand the grunts, earphones are sold at the desk.

The Social Butterfly: Welp, the jaw needs to be exercised too so chat away! Just be careful who you choose to speak to, those ignoring the grunter probably won’t want to listen to you either.

The Walking Advertisement: This person just walked right out of a Nike commercial. From the tank top, shorts, and shoes…we won’t even ask about the under garments.

The Equipment Hog: Oh you are using all the dumbbells from 20lbs-50lbs. Oh and the two benches and that machine over there? Just let us know when you are done with your 12 exercise circuit, please and thank you!

The What Are You Even Doing: Ever see anyone try to leg curl their biceps? Those of you walking on the treadmills, keep your eye on the cables…there are some interesting, creative moves attempted in that area. Pure entertainment, but please let an employee know if you witness anything too improper that could result in serious injury.

There are definitely more types of gym goers out there but these half dozen will do for now. Keep your eyes peeled and see who you can pick out in 2020, Happy New Year!


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