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Benefits of Small Group Training (SGT)

Benefits of Small Group Training (SGT)

By: Ashlee Whitmoyer 

Small group training isn’t the route that everyone should take but it definitely is the way to go for some people. Take a look at the benefits of small group training and decide if enrolling is the right thing to do.

1. Cost Effective –  If you are looking to hire a personal trainer but would like to save money, this is your answer! A customized program will still be generated for the entire group while splitting costs….save that moolah!

2. Personal Attention –  Many people enjoy the atmosphere of group exercise classes. However they are geared toward a particular type of workout (ex. Zumba, HIIT, Yoga, Boxing, etc) rather than programmed for individual goals. A personal trainer will tailor the workout for the entire group based on their goals. The trainer will also be able to pay close attention to form and safety with an 8 person limit, whereas classes can be in the 20’s or even higher.

3. Variety –  A number of gym members will find online programs to follow for 6-8 weeks. The workouts are usually the same week to week. With SGT, the trainer will be able to see advancements in individuals and progress the routine weekly. Boring and stale will not happen on a creative trainer’s watch!

4. Motivation & Accountability – Knowing that your trainer and workout partners are expecting you to show up will make you committed to the scheduled sessions. What’s even better?! While you are exercising, you have multiple people pushing you and cheering you on.

5. Fully Committed & Likely Results –  If you pay in advance for a full 6-8 week series of SGT, you are more likely to stick with the program. Showing up for each session and putting in effort will have you seeing changes for the better! Results will happen, but remember it’s a marathon NOT a race.


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