Sarah Breyer



Personal Trainer

As a personal trainer, my goal is to assist my clients in becoming the best version of themselves by creating a plan that will bring them closer to their performance, aesthetic, and fitness goals. In the time I spend with my clients it is my hope that I can help them understand how to strengthen their body and mind. Each person is unique, and I believe their exercise program should be perfectly tailored to improve their physical fitness and mental toughness. Health and wellbeing is a lifestyle – not a quick fix! Together we will establish a healthy routine so that you can live your best life and enjoy the time you spend outside the gym!

My goal is to assist my clients in becoming the best version of themselves!


  • Master of Science, Exercise Science
  • National Strength and Conditioning Association – Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist
  • Collegiate Tennis Athlete
  • Collegiate Softball Athlete
  • Shadowed Liberty S&C Coach during Hockey & Volleyball Season

Taylor Lucas – Client

“[My parents] selected Sarah because of her background in athletics and being a Division III athlete. In addition, she also has a Master’s degree in exercise science and we felt that she would be a great match for me and my sister. Strength and conditioning is a very important base to any sport and Sarah really understands how to develop and train athletes. She not only was able to identify with us but she also presented as a fantastic role model and motivator. We really enjoy working with Sarah and we would recommend her to anyone. We will be continuing training with Sarah for some time to come. Because of her efforts, I am stronger, faster and more flexible. Her amazing toughness along with her outstanding motivation has made training a great and rewarding experience. The endurance and stamina that I have already achieved has given me the perfect start to my athletic seasons! Through consistent and positive feedback and encouragement I have enjoyed each and every one of my training sessions with Sarah. She challenges me when she knows I can dig deeper and motivates me to continue to work towards my goals!”




Club #: 610-743-4039