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Training Density

Training Density

By: Ashlee Whitmoyer

How many people have ever recited the words, “I don’t have time to workout?” In today’s day and age it is not uncommon for people to be on the go all the time. For those leading fast paced lifestyles density training might be the key to finally achieving some fitness goals. Instead of trying to carve out an hour or more for the gym you can focus on maximizing 20-25 minutes of training.

Density Training is defined as follows:

· Density = Volume x Time

· Volume = the workload and amount of sets and reps performed

· Time = the duration of the workout

Your goal with density training is to push the boundaries of the workload you are able to handle in a given timeframe. You can continue to linearly progress your overall volume by incorporating a couple different principles.

· Increasing workload while keeping the time or duration the same.

· Decreasing the time while keeping your workload the same.

My favorite method for density training is utilizing an AMRAP (as many rounds as possible) circuit where I set a specific time limitation before I start.

Here is an example of an AMRAP I’ve done

Time Limit: 15 Minutes

1 Round Consists Of:

· 5 pull-ups

· 10 push-ups

· 15 air squats

When you try this out for yourself you will want to record how many full rounds you completed as well as where you ended on your final partial round if applicable. The great thing about this style of workout is you can keep track of your scores and try to beat them another day within the same time frame. In the fitness world we always preach that your only competition is yourself and that is especially true when you’re trying to beat your own personal records. Its super motivating and challenging!

Another method you can add to your workout arsenal are For Time events. Here a specific amount of rounds to complete are done as fast as possible and your time is recorded. Give it a shot, I promise it will leave you feeling physically accomplished.

Rounds: 3

· Run ¼ mile (0.25 miles)

· 10 burpees with push-up

· 10 box-jumps

· 10 sit-ups

Record the time it took to complete all three rounds of the AMRAP then try to beat that time of the exact same workout on another day!

Both of these types of workouts can be completed in less than 20 minutes and help with muscular hypertrophy, strength endurance, AND even fat loss. Start implementing density training into your regimen if have any of the above goals!


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