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Voodoo Floss Bands

Voodoo Floss Bands – By Andrew Lash 


Voodoo floss bands are used as a form of blood flow restriction therapy by using elastic bands on extremities and joints. Often voodoo bands will be used when recovering from injuries by re-perfusing tissues that have become stiff and no longer maintain proper blood flow. Also, these bands can be used to help reduce swelling of tissues and joints with the compression they provide. Other benefits of voodoo bands include releasing trigger points, restoring sliding surfaces, improving muscle contractions, and increases mobility and range of motion. Commonly, these bands are used for shoulder pain, elbow pain, knee pain, hip pain, and even use them on forearms.

Many times the bands are used with pain as stated above which typically comes from previous injury or lack of mobility in those joints. Because of this, voodoo bands are most common with knees, elbows, and shoulders. However, many users do not realize how effective these bands can be for forearms. Many clients have sedentary office jobs where they spend a lot of time typing. Because of this, their forearms will be very tight which could lead to possible carpal tunnel, arthritis, or even tendinitis. Voodoo bands are a great way to try and prevent any further injury.

When applying bands onto your client, you do not want to wrap the bands too tight and restrict too much circulation. While stretching the band, aim to apply around 75 percent pressure; this is a general guideline to follow, each client will differ. If the bands are too tight you will typically see pale skin or when touching the skin color does not return. Another sign that the bands are too tight will be if the client tells you they are feeling numb or pins and needles. If any of this happens, the bands should be removed immediately to prevent any damage.

Once band has been wrapped around designated joint, you will begin to overlap the remainder of the band half way over each previous layer. Generally, while wrapping the bands you want to wrap towards the heart; otherwise wrap up the leg instead of down. Once the band or bands have been placed on the desired joint, you will begin to use the joint with designated exercises. For example, if the voodoo bands are wrapped around the knees, a recommended exercises would be squats. You want to have your client do this exercise without the bands as well once they are removed. This should make the movement easier for the client as well as help send blood flow back into the area of the body that was cut off


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